Almond & Coconut 20pc Display Tray

$ 30.00
Almond & Coconut 20pc Display Tray

Almond & Coconut 20pc Display Tray

$ 30.00

*Update* We've simplified our offerings!

We now only offer a 20pc display tray but the price per bar has stayed the same! If you've previously been ordering our 60pc options, you can still receive "bulk pricing" by selecting the options under the "size" dropdown to receive better pricing at larger quantities. 


Tasty. Natural. Caffeine. Ritual Energy's bite-sized Energy Bar is a healthy and portable alternative to coffee or energy drinks that will help you avoid spills, coffee-breath, coffee-stains, coffee-teeth, bathroom-breaks, nasty chemicals, and bad tastes. At only 70cal, this snack will awaken the mind, invigorate the body, and tickle the taste buds. Our Almond and Toasted Coconut variety is an incredible mix of dry roasted almonds, toasted coconut flakes, and the same natural caffeine as a whole cup of coffee (100mg of organic caffeine from green coffee beans).

Simple Ingredients

Almonds*, Dates*, Honey*, Toasted Coconut*, Caffeine from Green Coffee*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Vanilla Beans*


Key Features:

  • 100mg Natural Caffeine (from Organic Green Coffee)
  • Doesn't Taste Like Coffee!
  • Delicious Dry Roasted Almonds & Toasted Coconut
  • Only 70cal per Bar
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian (honey is the only animal product)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Simple & Natural Ingredients
  • Minimally Processed


This item comes with 20 (twenty), 14g (0.5oz) Ritual Energy Bars in a 100% Recycled and 100% recyclable paperboard display tray. These bars are manufactured on equipment that handles peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and coconut. Please see the packaging for detailed allergen information. This item ships free!

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff

I have been receiving my routine packages from Ritual Energy for years. So glad to have a new flavor - love,love, love the Almond & coconut (but still love my peanut and chocolate. I travel ALOT and always have these in my purse and carry on. Great for mornings or time zone affects! Wouldn’t be without these gems


It's a small bar so you're not having to eat allot to get a boost. And it tastes good!!!