Our Vision

We imagine a world where people see food as more than just something to satiate a desire, but as unique tools to enhance the human experience. We’re helping to spread this by creating simple, whole-food products that are easy to use and that provide real benefits. We hope that by creating foods with function, people will start to look at foods differently, for the unique roles that each play in their daily lives. Ritual Energy is changing the way the world snacks, one bite at a time.

Our Story

Our story begins with an idea by a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego who was frustrated by the lack of healthy and portable energy products. At the time, Alex (the Sophomore, and our founder) was struggling to balance life’s numerous priorities. From keeping up with an engineering degree and competing in triathlons to transitioning to an entirely plant based diet while attempting to juggle the active, social lifestyle of a college sophomore, each day felt as if he was pushing himself to his edge and rapidly approaching burnout.

Caffeine & clean eating quickly became his answer to staying on top of life’s many dimensions. However, biking around campus with coffee quickly became a chore, energy drinks were loaded with chemicals, and energy snacks were filled with sugary syrups and other highly refined ingredients. Disappointed with the lack of healthy, portable energy options available, Alex began experimenting by combining wholesome foods with caffeine to give him the clean energy he was looking for to sustain him through the demands of each day.

After nearly three years of experimenting with caffeine sources and natural foods, we introduced the first Ritual Energy snack in 2016.

Today, our company is based in Tacoma, WA and our products are available around the country on our website and Amazon Prime and across retailers nationwide.