Ritual's Story

The Mission:

Ritual Energy is changing the way the world snacks, one bite at a time. We imagine a world where people see food as more than just something to satiate a desire, but as unique tools with specific purposes. We do this by creating powerful products that you can feel benefits from. We hope that by creating foods with function our customers will start to look at all of their foods differently, for the unique functions that each play in our daily lives.

The background:

It all began with an idea by a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego who was frustrated by the lack of healthy & portable energy products. After nearly three years of experimenting with caffeine sources and wholesome foods, we introduced the first Ritual Energy snack in 2016.

Our snack helps busy and active people stay energized in a healthy way. We use simple and powerful ingredients to balance performance with healthy nutrition and we do this in our own private facility to ensure the highest quality products possible.

We are here to unite fun with functional nutrition. Enjoy!