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How'd this all start?

Changing the way I ate changed my life. I was inspired by the health culture of San Diego, CA to take control of my diet and health. My intense focus on clean eating (along with a little caffeine) is what gave me the energy to take on engineering at UCSD and simultaneously compete in triathlons and picking up 6 new sports. I owe all of that to a regime of good nutrition and a mindful use of caffeine.

During this period, there were multiple times when I was forced to rely on energy products (during odd hours, in remote locations, and when running late). What I thought were just more portable versions of coffee quickly revealed themselves to be much more sinister. The sugars, stimulants, and chemicals left me feeling hot, irritable and less energized than before. 

I thought it was crazy that there wasn't already a cleaner option. Having spent so much time looking at ingredient labels for myself, it seemed obvious why these products made me feel like crap. Good ingredients gave me good energy and bad ingredients took it away. Inspired by the simplicity of Lara Bars and the portable caffeine of Shot Bloks, I made the original Ritual Bar in a blender in my college kitchen. It wasn't until my dad fell in love with the bars and started ordering them that I started to think, maybe we have something here. 

We are now in 30+ locations in San Diego, available across the nation via Amazon Prime, and still growing!

With all of my heart, I hope that I can help inspire people to move forward with their health and that Ritual Energy can help them keep an inspiration and commitment to good nutrition. 


Alex Nielsen
Founder, Ritual Energy
Real food & real energy. That's Ritual Energy!