Why People Choose Ritual Energy Over Coffee and Energy Drinks

Why People Choose Ritual Energy Over Coffee and Energy Drinks

As long as caffeine has been a part of human culture, people have been devising unique ways of getting this molecule into their diets. It’s the world’s most consumed psychoactive substance and there already exists countless different ways of getting it into your system. So why in the world has a small group from California gone out of their way to develop, manufacture, and market yet another means of consuming caffeine?

Simple. Because there is nothing available today that gives you the same well-rounded energy that this does. It’s called Ritual Energy, and we think it’s the best gosh darn thing since the discovery of the coffee bean! No lie.

What’s so good about it?

In its most basic form, it was designed to energize your body alongside your mind unlike anything else today. The result is that you have more sustained physical energy paired with mental focus and clarity. Most all caffeine consumed today comes to us purely as a mental aid. Caffeine blocks adenosine (the tired molecule) in the brain to give us a heightened sense of alertness. This helps us focus, but does not actually give us “energy.” Calories are what give us energy, but more specifically, the kinds of calories we consume affect our energy differently. There are plenty of products on the market today that pair calories with caffeine, think a latte, energy drink, popular bar brands, etc. But the problem with these products are the kinds of calories you’re consuming - high glycemic, refined, syrupy, artificial calories. Caffeine’s going to do its thing in the brain regardless of the vehicle, but what changes when you change the medium (the calories) is your body’s ability to effectively respond to that caffeine in real time, and that’s what we’ve revolutionized with Ritual Energy.

When it comes to energy, it’s not just caffeine but the kinds of calories you consume along with it that determine how energized you feel. We’re the only product available today to consciously pair good calories (natural, whole-food, unrefined) with organic caffeine. The result is a feeling unlike anything else.

Want to give Ritual Energy a try?

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