The Truth About the Coconut Craze

The Truth About the Coconut Craze

Coconut oil has been a topic of debate for some time. Often labeled a “superfood,” while others have written off the benefits of coconuts as just another momentary trend. So what is it good or bad and should you include it in your diet?

Are Coconuts Good for You?

When it comes to saturated fats, coconuts are a little bit different than the rest of the bunch. Some people still lump them in with all other saturated fats, such as butter, but what some people neglect to consider is that not all saturated fats are created equal.

Coconuts Contain Healthy Saturated Fats

There are three different types of saturated fatty acids. The fatty acids found in coconuts are metabolized by the body differently than those found in other animal products. These fatty acids are able to be used directly in the body for energy. This is where the distinction between “bad” and “good” saturated fats comes in. The good saturated fats found in coconuts are responsible for a number of health benefits. Here are a few of them:

A Healthy Energy Boost

Healthy saturated fats found in coconuts are absorbed directly by the liver to produce energy. That energy can improve your brain functioning as well as your physical energy levels. In short, if you’re in need of a little boost–products containing natural, organic coconut might help pick you back up.

Increased Fat Burning

Coconuts might also be a healthy way to get your body to burn more fat. Good saturated fats have been seen to increase the number of calories you burn in comparison to other saturated fats. One study found that the fatty acids found in coconuts increased the calories burned for participants by about 5% over a 24 hour period.

Reduced Hunger

Coconut products may help increase satiety, which can help if you find yourself feeling hungry even when you know your body already has the nutrition it needs. This is also an effect of the healthy saturated fats found in coconuts. In one study, subjects consumed products with the same fatty acids found in coconuts and saw that the participants consumed fewer calories per day, on average, with the addition of good saturated fats in their diet.

May Help Maintain Good Cholesterol

Healthy saturated fats contained in coconut have been seen to increase good cholesterol in your body, possibly even decreasing bad cholesterol. A few studies have shown some evidence of this, showing an increase in good cholesterol with the use of coconut oil. Lower cholesterol, in general, is associated with improved health and decreased risk of heart disease.

Healthy Coconut Energy Snacks

For a healthy, coconut-fueled way to stay energized and satiate check out our Almond & Coconut Energy Bite. With toasted coconut and 100mg of natural caffeine, this snack works wonders for your energy and tastes great while doing so!


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As always, please check in with your healthcare professional before making lifestyle changes based on this blog. Thanks!

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