Go-To Workouts from the Ritual Energy Team

Go-To Workouts from the Ritual Energy Team

Here at Ritual Energy, our passion for natural nutrition and sustainability also means we like to play, a lot. Here are some of our team’s approaches to training and go-to workouts.


Whether training for an ultra or alpine climbing, I like to mix lots of running at various tempos and distances with strength training. One of my favorite fun and simple tools for strength training on the go are Monkii bars, which make any room with a door into a home gym on the go.

  • 2 mile tempo warm-up run
  • 3 Sets of the following:
  • 15x Row
  • 20x Press
  • 20x Alternating Lunges
  • 10x I’s
  • 10x Pikes

  • This simple workout takes about 45 minutes, gets me sweating buckets and maintains crucial core, back and leg strength for all endurance pursuits. While running volume is critical for training for ultrarunning, I have found that having integrative body-weight strength training as part of my regiment has made me faster, contributed to increased endurance and helped me to stave off common repetitive stress injuries and kept training fun and fresh.

    Accordingly, for cardio, my go-to is running. There’s something truly simple about a good run; you don’t need much, it releases endorphins in plenty (runners high) and can be a great way to explore your local trail system or city. It is also convenient in that it doesn’t take that much time to get your heart rate elevated and sustained, core worked and your endurance honed


    I love moving my body in every which way I can - whether it be through HIIT training, pilates, spinning or running - staying active is one of my secrets to staying sane. But, my go-to workout, without a doubt, is Vinyasa Yoga. I love a heated, advanced studio class, but the beauty of yoga is that I can do it anywhere, anytime by simply rolling out my mat.

    Yoga also works for me, because as a short girl (5’ 2”) I often seek workouts that elongate and tone to extend my frame. I’m also very mindful of engaging in cortisol-conscious workouts. Cortisol-conscious workouts are activities that increase the release of cortisol, the body’s “stress” hormone. What cortisol does is it sends your body into fight-or-flight mode triggering reactions like inflammation and slowed metabolism. So, while I love my sweat-drenching, intense workouts, I try to be aware of how often each week I’m asking my body to push harder, go faster and work longer. But, this doesn’t mean my workouts are easy by any means!

    Here are five tips for turning up the dial on your yoga practice:

  • Hold and isolate postures - The first time you encounter any posture in a yoga sequence, you should hold for five full breaths, meaning five full inhales and five full exhales.
  • Pulsate through postures - Great postures to pulse in and out of include, chair pose, goddess pose and side lunge. Add small movements - up an inch, down an inch - to start to turn those muscles on.
  • Incorporate advanced transitions that require stability and core strength - For example, from runner’s lunge with your back knee lifted, grab your right toe with your right peace fingers. Shift your weight into your left hand and roll onto the pinky-edge of your left foot. In one movement, open everything up for side plank, taking your right leg overhead. Focus on engaging your muscles and moving with grace and focus in between postures.
  • Build some core into your sequence - From three legged-dog, trace a box with your knee. It goes like this: exhale tap right knee to right tricep. Drop right knee to right wrist. Right knee reaches for left wrist, then right knee comes up to left tricep. Inhale your leg back to three-legged down-dog. Repeat the same direction, switch directions and then switch legs and do it all again.
  • Take as many opportunities as your body allows for arm balances and inversions within the flow - Learn how to seamlessly weave arm balances and inversion into your flow. Some common opportunities to do so are: 1) forward fold, crow pose, shoot back to chaturanga, 2) three-legged dog to hurdler’s pose 3) chaturanga, chin stand, upward facing dog or 4) prayer twist to side crow.
  • Yoga, for me, is so much more than just a “workout” though. It’s a practice reflective of the lessons there are to be learned as we navigate this human experience called life. It’s an opportunity to build mental strength and resilience. But, most importantly, it teaches you find stillness and calm despite any situation.


    Guest Author Ashley Marand Iwanicki

    Integrative Nutrition/Holistic Health Consultant

    200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

    Website - Facebook - Instagram


    Photos by Autumn Goodman, Ashley Marand, & Andy Paul

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