5 Morning Rituals to Energize and Focus Your Day

5 Morning Rituals to Energize and Focus Your Day

Staying energized all day is no easy feat, especially for those of us who don’t have a direct supervisor to hold us accountable.

When you’re responsible for your own motivation and success, staying on task can be difficult (if not seemingly impossible). But this is especially true if you don’t have a routine.

Whether you’re developing a morning ritual for the first time or are just changing up your existing routine, here are a few ways to start your day off right.

Morning Rituals to Energize Your Success

Drink water immediately out of bed

Keep a glass of water on your bedside table and gulp it down before your toes even hit the ground.

Drinking water first thing in the morning comes with a number of benefits. In a nutshell–it jump starts your system. It gets your digestive system working and hydrates you when you need it most, setting you up to feel better and have more energy throughout the day. Try to do this before your morning caffeine and you may end up not need that 8th cup to get your engines going :)

  • Use nutrition (not just taste) to fuel your body

  • Nutrition is a key part of maximizing your natural energy.

    Eating a breakfast that's nourishing rather than just tasty will give your body high-grade fuel to get you moving. Try to stay away from foods that are high in sugar, as they’re likely to cause a crash later in the day. Instead, feed your body with natural, plant-based whole foods that are high in protein, full of healthy fats, and minimally processed.

  • Workout to wake up

  • Go for a brisk walk, stretch, workout, or do yoga before heading into work and you'll find yourself in a whole new morning mood.

    Researchers have found that people who exercise during the workday have more energy and a more optimistic, positive outlook. Whether you take a walk during your lunch break or start your morning with a workout, getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to energize yourself.

  • Set goals and intentions for the day

  • Start your day with focus and positivity by taking some time to write down a few goals and daily intentions.

    This shouldn’t feel like a chore; it’s meant to motivate you. Find a way to make it something you look forward to every morning. This might mean incorporating an inspirational quote or getting creative with how and where you write them.

    *Need some ideas? Buy a whiteboard or a notebook dedicated specifically to these morning intentions. If you need some inspirational quotes on hand, create a private Pinterest board with some of your favorites.

    However you choose to go about it, keep it simple and fun. It might seem small, but it can work wonders for your mindset.

  • Stay unplugged for a few minutes

  • Instead of reaching for your phone first thing when you wake up, replace this action with something more organic.

    This could be as simple as laying in bed for a few moments in silence, taking your dog for a walk, or eating your breakfast smartphone-free.

    In this technological age, most of us are connected 24/7. It’s easy to forget the value of a few moments off the grid.

    Prioritize that time for yourself each morning. It’s healthy (and you deserve it).


  • Set aside some “me-time” for inspiration

  • Instead of spending your mornings rushing, prioritize yourself and your time to allow for a relaxed schedule.

    Give yourself a few moments each morning to do something that lights you up and makes you feel excited. Whether that means setting aside ten minutes for creative writing, drawing, journaling, reading a book or the newspaper–or even playing a game–do what feels right for you. And don’t apologize for it.

    Need some more help building a winning routine?

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