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New Rituals: Five New Year's resolutions that are actually achievable

New Rituals: Five New Year's resolutions that are actually achievable

The New Year is a great benchmark to review the last 365 days of effort. Effort. We often forget that every day is a combination of decisions and actions. As they unfold individually, they may seem fleeting and insubstantial but collectively they make our year. For the process of creating resolutions or goals, achievability is key. Starting off with some goals that enable us to turn our dreams for the year into our daily ritual are a great place to start. Here are five suggestions for kicking off 2019.

Try a Meditation App

Over 16 million people are on board with Headspace. Free Insight Timer has a great selection of guided meditations of varying content and lengths to fit into your daily schedule. According to Jignesh Gohel of the consulting group, “regular practice of meditation will increase your concentration power which leads to an increase in productivity.”

Fitness Tracking and Biometrics

Whether you use the data or not, recording your workouts on apps like Strava and Garmin Connect gives you a great tool for seeing weekly graphs and charts about your fitness and training. If you have a goal whether it be running your first half marathon or ultra, you need to create benchmarks and monitor your progress. Using these apps on your phone or freeing yourself by investing in a smartwatch is an easy way to kick off 2019 with well-organized logs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint are easy. Whether individually or through your workplace, making small changes can go a long way on your annual emissions. The World Wildlife Fund has an easy carbon footprint calculator that can help you identify room for improvement. Start by packing lunch, adjusting your diet and try to do one day a week with no driving.

Get a Planner

Getting a good notebook such as a Passion Planner can help you record and execute goals in the old fashioned way. Writing and taking technology out of this process enhances creativity and promotes accountability.

Maximize Productivity: Identify Your Ritual

Some tips for maximizing productivity require self-awareness of your routine. Do you do your best work in the morning or evening? Do you feel a slump after a block of effort? I have found that making coffee and gardening before exercise grounds me and prepares my mind for whatever comes next, even if it means getting up extra early. A midday pick-me-up after eating a balanced meal rounded off with Ritual Energy bar gives a natural and needed boost to send it into the evening. In addition to recording your work, fitness and training schedule, it is important to hone your personal nutrition routine.

Why People Choose Ritual Energy Over Coffee and Energy Drinks

Why People Choose Ritual Energy Over Coffee and Energy Drinks

As long as caffeine has been a part of human culture, people have been devising unique ways of getting this molecule into their diets. It’s the world’s most consumed psychoactive substance and there already exists countless different ways of getting it into your system. So why in the world has a small group from California gone out of their way to develop, manufacture, and market yet another means of consuming caffeine?

Simple. Because there is nothing available today that gives you the same well-rounded energy that this does. It’s called Ritual Energy, and we think it’s the best gosh darn thing since the discovery of the coffee bean! No lie.

What’s so good about it?

In its most basic form, it was designed to energize your body alongside your mind unlike anything else today. The result is that you have more sustained physical energy paired with mental focus and clarity. Most all caffeine consumed today comes to us purely as a mental aid. Caffeine blocks adenosine (the tired molecule) in the brain to give us a heightened sense of alertness. This helps us focus, but does not actually give us “energy.” Calories are what give us energy, but more specifically, the kinds of calories we consume affect our energy differently. There are plenty of products on the market today that pair calories with caffeine, think a latte, energy drink, popular bar brands, etc. But the problem with these products are the kinds of calories you’re consuming - high glycemic, refined, syrupy, artificial calories. Caffeine’s going to do its thing in the brain regardless of the vehicle, but what changes when you change the medium (the calories) is your body’s ability to effectively respond to that caffeine in real time, and that’s what we’ve revolutionized with Ritual Energy.

When it comes to energy, it’s not just caffeine but the kinds of calories you consume along with it that determine how energized you feel. We’re the only product available today to consciously pair good calories (natural, whole-food, unrefined) with organic caffeine. The result is a feeling unlike anything else.

Want to give Ritual Energy a try?

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Why Does Coffee Hurt Your Stomach?

Why Does Coffee Hurt Your Stomach?

Do you get stomach pain whenever you drink coffee but still want caffeine? If so, you’re not alone. Estimates show that about 40 million Americans avoid drinking coffee or cannot drink as much as they want due to stomach irritations. (1)

Because of these aches, some people end up avoiding it all together, but caffeine is an incredible tool in creating mental focus and alertness which helps with everything from studying to sports and getting work done. Caffeine is as versatile as we are, but what’s going on with coffee that’s giving some people such a bad time?

Why Does This Happen?

Contrary to popular belief, it may not be the caffeine causing the problems, but a mix of many compounds in coffee acting on your stomach all at once. These compounds cause an overproduction of stomach acid, known as gastric acid, and this overproduction of gastric acid is what doctors now believe to be the cause of that stomach pain. (1)

"Their research into this revealed that there were multiple natural chemical compounds in brewed coffee that affected gastric acid production..."

In 2010, two scientists set out to determine which chemicals cause the overproduction of gastric acid. Their research into this revealed that there were multiple natural chemical compounds in brewed coffee that affected gastric acid production, including; catechols, N-alkanoly-5-hydroxytryptamides, chlorogenic acid, and caffeine. (1, 2)

Yes, caffeine was found on the naughty list, but does that mean you need to avoid it? Not necessarily: Veronika Samoza, PhD, from the 2010 study explains that “there’s no single, key irritant. It is a mixture of compounds that seem to cause the irritant effect of coffee.” (1) So how much of this irritation is due to caffeine and the other compounds? There are several studies that suggest most of the irritation comes from all the other compounds in coffee with only a small portion of gastric acid production coming from caffeine.

Two studies comparing the effects of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee on gastric acid secretion and the blood serum levels of gastrin (the hormone that regulates the release of gastric acid) showed that both types of coffee (with or without caffeine) caused significant increases in the production of gastric acid and serum gastrin. One of the studies even controlled for pure caffeine and saw that the other compounds in coffee produced twice the acid response as the pure caffeine. (3, 4)

The author of that study notes: “These data suggest that clinical recommendations based upon the known gastrointestinal effects of caffeine may bear little relation to the actual observed actions of coffee or decaffeinated coffee.” (3) Meaning we may need to draw a distinction between caffeine and coffee, which are sometimes used synonymously. The research is predominantly showing that the irritating effects of coffee are not solely the effects caused by caffeine, but a large part the other elements in coffee.

"Coffee isn't the only way of getting caffeine..."

So is caffeine the cause of your stomach pains? Realistically, no. Caffeine is a great tool and you don't have to give it up. Coffee isn't the only way of getting caffeine, and that's great news for people who get stomach aches from drinking coffee.

If you want to experiment with different caffeine sources and see how they sit with your stomach, check out this link to Ways to Get Your Caffeine without the Stomach Ache.

But if you want to jump straight to our recommendation for caffeine that's super easy on your stomach, you can try Ritual Energy here. You can also read how it's easy on your stomach in the article above.

As always, you and your doctor know your body best, so please be careful and talk to your doctor before adopting any new lifestyle modifications found here.