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Triple Terrain Challenge

Triple Terrain Challenge

The Triple Terrain Challenge is a local event here in San Diego looking to bring together the community to push their limits in a friendly running format. With participation open to the public, it was great to see such a large turn out. Ritual Energy founder, Alex Nielsen, explains: 

"The group who raced and organized the event were truly an awesome bunch! It seemed that at every moment when I was thinking of slowing down, there was a smiling/panting face encouraging me to keep on chugging. Having the 17 mile be broken up onto different surface was really nice. The variety made it feel more like a game, helped me to stay engaged, and gave me a tangible sense of progress that that gave me the confidence to push my limits. "

Check out the video below to see a highlight of the event! Stay tuned for more events from this Challenge Series!

Triple Terrain Challenge from Ritual Energy on Vimeo.



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