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The Vision

One of the great things about sharing something I love with the world is the discovery process. Every day I am able to learn more about the world around me and the people that truly benefit from Ritual Energy. One of the best feelings comes when people tell me how Ritual Energy makes a difference in their lives, and it blows my mind every time to hear all of the different positive effects. Things I could not have predicted when I was developing this product in my college kitchen several years ago.


One family is using it to help manage their kids' ADHD instead of pills. A tower-crane operator with diabetes is using it to help stabilize his blood-sugar and stay alert. A grandmother is using it to help with her Alzheimers because coffee doesn't sit well with her. From such a small and easy to use product, I'm seeing people's lives change in ways that I could have never imagined.

I've been trying to make sense of it all, and what I've come to realize is that is that we make great flippin' product. By great, I don't mean that we cover our label with words like "premium," "quality," or "original". What I mean by great is a dedication to minimally-processed, simple ingredients and a single source of stimulant (caffeine).

Why is simple good? One, because I'm not a food formulator or chemical engineer, and two, because food formulators and chemical engineers who complicate recipes aren't really sure how their concoctions will play out over time. Let's not forget about the days when formulators gave the go-ahead to MSG and cigarettes.

Simplicity is important, and it applies to almost everything, especially our choice of caffeine. Amelia Aria of the University of Maryland stated, "We just don't see the same safety concerns with coffee. With energy drinks, scientists and clinicians have real concerns." Energy drinks often mix together half-a-dozen or more different stimulants. Quite the opposite of simplicity, and the effects are starting to concern scientists *(Time Magazine). For that reason, Ritual Energy stands by what we know, and we know how to keep things simple. Simply put, we make a health-conscious way to consume caffeine, that isn’t coffee.

We only use natural and understandable ingredients. Oh yeah, and the single stimulant in our product that I mentioned earlier is the tried and true caffeine from green coffee beans. No "energy blends", "B-complexes", or "herbs" to confuse and shock the body.

At Ritual Energy, we are committed to the healthy and intelligent use of this stimulant (caffeine) and want to derail this trend towards energy drinks in America.

You can take a step and join us in the movement by sharing this idea of simplicity. This is more than just a product. It is a motion towards the health of those around us!  



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