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Jacob Fishman x Sierra National Forest

Jacob Fishman x Sierra National Forest

I had a two day window of free time, and with a tuned up VW bus, I was ready to get out of the area and head north. Minimal on time but urning for an adventure, we had to choose a place that was not far from Southern California but also made us feel isolated from the rest of the world. Thats when we chose to head up to Sierra National Forest. So we packed up the van and headed to central California in hopes that my air cooled car wouldn’t break down in the 107 degree weather.  But whats up in the High Sierras? Here are three reasons why you should go to the Sierra National Forest for the weekend:


3 Reasons Why To Go to Sierra National Forest


Shaver & Huntington Lake


Located at an elevation of 5,500 feet, Shaver Lake is a fantastic getaway as it is only an hour away of Fresno. With warm water and an endless amount of outdoor activities, this area is ideal from anyone in need of escaping the hot climate of Central California. We brought up our surfboards to get a nice paddle out to the middle of the lake!



Only twenty minutes away from Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake is nothing short of spectacular with its world renowned sailing conditions and hiking. This area caters to both seasons, as the China Peak Mountain Resort becomes a snowboard haven during the winter and a mountain bike course during the summer. This was our camping destination on our trip and thankfully we were able to snag a waterfront campsite.



Do not miss the sunsets, they are truly incredible!






Shaver and Huntington Lake provides a multitude of different luxury campsites, making it easy for anyone to indulge in the glamorous camping life. With some campgrounds providing showers, outlets, and even Wifi, there is really no excuse for anyone to be against the glamping lifestyle. The Lake Shore Resort offers a general store and a saloon providing all the essentials for an epic camping trip.



Here is my ideal camping dinner recipe that fills you up and tastes great:

  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Flavored almonds: adding almonds to any chili/curry based meal might seem out of place, but it actually makes the meal more filling and flavorful!


Camping Tip: Make sure to book a campsite online before the weekend or show up to the campgrounds on Thursday night, because once Friday comes, most of the campsites are already booked.


Rancheria Falls


I would have never imagined that there were two big lakes only an hour away from the hottest place in California, so when I found out there was also a 150-ft waterfall in the area, I was dumbfounded. Rancheria Falls is one of the more popular hikes in the area, as the easy 2 mile roundtrip trail makes it heavily trafficked on the weekends.




If you want to get away from the crowds, scale the side of the mountain to get above the falls and have an isolated small swimming hole to yourself!


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