Cooper's Ritual

Cooper's Market in La Jolla is one of the newest additions to a familiar area. Formerly the Shore Thing Cafe, Cooper's is gearing up for a revamp that will include fresh pastries, good food, and local products.

If you visit Cooper's Market in La Jolla, you'll most likely be greeted by the warmhearted laughter of Mychael! Originally from Los Angeles, Mychael has a passion for baking and has sharpened his skills at Le Cordon Bleu. He has been with this cafe location for the past several years and currently has his own cake company. Check out some of his creations here: Cakes with Flair by Mychael. 

Cooper's Market is right in Ritual Energy's back yard and a natural landing spot for our clean energy snack. If you're ever at La Jolla Shores, grab one of these tasty, waterproof snacks to power you through your beach day!


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