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CCS Climbing Competition

CCS Climbing Competition

CCS Climbing Competition from Ritual Energy on Vimeo.

CCS Climbing Competition

TURF:  The Wall Climbing Gym || Vista, CA

ENERGY:  There was a healthy mix of serious competitors and lighthearted community members at SoCal’s most recent CCS & Community competition.

FIRST TIMERS: At this three-hour redpoint competition, points were awarded to those based on the difficulty of the route and the number of attempts. The setters at the Wall came up with a host of fun and creative problems ranging from V0 to V10. 

THE CATCH: This may have been UCSD’s first time hosting a CCS competition, but they handled it like veterans. They were joined by 118 community members and team climbers from UCSD, UCLA, UCSB, UCI, USC, and more. 

THE SURPRISE:  China’s very own national team climber, Qu Hai Bin, decided to make a surprise appearance giving even the most experienced climbers a run for their money. 

Whether you are just starting or fine-tuning your skills, our friends at the Wall Climbing Gym have something for you!


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