Athletic Benefits To Clean Caffeine

 In the recent years, the athletic benefit of caffeine has been proven in wide variety competitive spheres. From trail running to indoor climbing and beyond, our team at Ritual Energy knows the importance of testing our product in the field. Ritual Energy tribe member, John Martinez, shares his experience:

“Funny story...I ran the Tucson Marathon in December.  Stayed at my kid's house.  I need a cup of coffee to get me going in the morning.  He doesn't drink coffee, nor does he have a coffee maker.  Anyway, they bused us to the starting line, so I had to be there before 5 a.m. (Starbucks still closed!).  So, I had a Ritual Energy to get my motor running.  Worked perfectly.  Then, another about halfway through the marathon to give me a boost.  It was great!” 

Tune in to this short clip from the Wall Street Journal discussing why caffeine will give you what you need to run that extra mile!



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