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A Day At Ritual Energy

A Day At Ritual Energy


            Everyone has his or her daily grind. Whether it be waking up for class, rushing to work, or making sure the kids make it to the bus stop on time. The true question, however, is what is your ritual? What provides you with the clean energy and pure enjoyment that allows you to get through any day?

            For Ritual Energy founder, Alex Nielsen, mountain biking is one of his favorite rituals. Despite the conditions, he gets on his bike and goes. He is out there enjoying the beautiful city that is San Diego, from Balboa Park to Peñasquitos Canyon and everywhere in between. But just like the rest of us, Alex too has work responsibilities that can’t be ignored. He makes it to the Ritual Energy headquarters in time for production, but not without first biting into one of his clean caffeinated snacks to get him ready for the long day ahead.

            Check out the video to see a day at Ritual Energy and the creation of our delicious clean caffeine snacks. This lightweight, waterproof, and electrolytic bite is conveniently sized to bring the equivalent of one cup of coffee to any of your outdoor adventures!

A Day At Ritual Energy from Ritual Energy on Vimeo.

To read more about Alex’s story and Ritual Energy click here!

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Jan 23, 2017 • Posted by Sandy Watson

What a healthy lifestyle & lean production process. Love it!

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