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1 Small Bar = One Coffee

Ritual Energy Is Natural Energy That Goes With You

Our Ingredients

Nature's Best Energy

Our portable snacks use a combination of organic caffeine and wholesome ingredients to give you a unique blend of energies; alertness from green coffee caffeine, and stamina from nutrient-dense foods. The result is an experience that's smooth, sustained, and tasty unlike anything else.

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Our Ingredients

No Funny Business

With Ritual Energy, you know exactly what you're putting in your body and how it will affect you. Each snack carries 100 mg of natural caffeine and no other stimulants so you are in control of your caffeine habit, not the other way around. Our blend of wholesome foods meters the caffeine into your system for a more consistent & sustained energy as opposed to the spikes and drops from conventional energy products.

What People Are Saying!

"Love the power of these small bites. Easy to eat in-between meetings when I don't want coffee."

"I am a nurse who works both days and night shifts... I love how small the actual bar is and how on my short breaks I get the caffeine and calories to stay energized!!"

"I found this to be a great alternative to your cup of coffee, especially if you're on the move."

"Best energy bar I've ever used. Got me thru a PR for my marathon."

"These saved me during finals."

"The Ritual Energy bites have changed my day to day outdoor activity!"

Our Promise

We promise that you'll be happy with our snack or you can send it back!

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