An Energy Revolution

A Health Revolution

Sometime in the 80s a “new energy” hit the scene: chemically engineered concoctions loaded up with a handful of different stimulants and then topped off with chemicals, sweeteners, and colors to mask their true tastes.

But today, the world of food is going through a renaissance. People are waking up to the dirty facts of modern food and recognizing that our health is our energy  – that it is only by taking care of our bodies that we are able to operate to our fullest potential.

So why aren't we seeing healthier, better tasting energy drinks? That's because water has no flavor. When you pack a dozen different chemicals into something that has no taste, you end up with a product that tastes like…a dozen different chemicals.

Modern energy is made of... food?

At Ritual Energy, we understand that real, long-term energy comes from real, natural nutrition, so we are taking a stand against modern energy products that undermine health.

We build our snack from simple, clean ingredients that are naturally packed with flavor and nutrients. Even our one stimulant, caffeine, is sourced from green coffee beans. That means we don’t need those extra chemicals, sweeteners and color to make the experience pleasant – or effective. It’s tasty by nature!


Best energy bar I've ever used. Got me thru a PR for my marathon.

We bought these for our office staff and everyone loves them! They are really tasty and a great, healthier alternative to coffee. Not everyone wants to grab a cup in the morning but they still want a boost of energy to get them through the day

Outstanding! I love these! I eat one almost every morning.

I bought a handful of these at a running store in SD. I like to support local companies. But these really pack in energy! Theyre bite size, but I bought in person so I knew this. Taste is great, but my focus is on the energy. I was a good way!

Healthy energy tastes so good!

This snack is built from nutritious food that naturally taste good.

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  • 1 Cup of Coffee

    This bite-size snack packs a moderate punch! At 100mg of caffeine from a green coffee bean extract, this snack has the same energy as an 8oz-12oz cup of coffee.

  • 70 Cal

    Being small mean this lil' tiger wont weigh you down! At 70 cal, 6g of sugar, and 2g of protein, it's easy to fit this snack into, onto, or after your lunch, run, or nap!

  • Waterproof

    Yes, the packaging is 100% waterproof. That means even if it falls to the bottom of your purse or your rain-soaked-backpack, the mess won't get out, or come in.

  • Single Stimulant

    Unlike just about every single other energy product on the market, we only use 1 stimulant, caffeine from green coffee beans. That way, it's simple, predictable, and avoids complications.

A day at Ritual Energy

Nutrition and physical activity are at the core of Ritual Energy and its team. Follow Alex Nielsen, founder, through a typical day on-the-go.