100mg Natural Caffeine + Simple Ingredients

Here's what people are saying about Ritual Energy:

"These things are great if you want "clean" energy without feeling weird or cracked out."

"Love the power of these small bites. Easy to eat in-between meetings when I don't want coffee."

"I found this to be a great alternative to your cup of coffee, especially if you're on the move. It is a great way to get your daily coffee in without all the creamer or sweeteners."

"The perfect little snack to keep on you at all times for when you need a pick me up. As someone who does not drink coffee and has no desire to poison my body with what's in energy drinks, Ritual Energy is the perfect alternative."

"The Ritual Energy bites have changed my day to day outdoor activity! Every morning before going out on my run, I power up with one of my ritual bites. Coffee was something I always enjoyed, but felt it held me back when it comes to physical activity. However, these bites provide me with the same amount of caffeine in a convenient waterproof packaging."

"The awesome thing about Ritual Energy for me is that I use it in so many different situations and it always works great."

Behind the scenes at Ritual Energy

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  • 1 Snack Bar = 1 Coffee

    Each snack bar contains the same caffeine as one 8-12 ounce cup of coffee (100mg). Our caffeine is extracted with water from organic green coffee beans to provide you with the cleanest caffeine possible.

  • 70 Cal & Simple Ingredients

    Ritual Energy snack bars contain natural foods you know and can read and at only 70 calories a bar, with 6 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein, our snack bars are easy to fit into any lifestyle.

  • Life-proof

    Ritual Energy's packaging is completely airtight and waterproof to provide you with the freshest, most portable product possible. Take our snack bars with you everywhere from your car/bike to the office or from the mountains to the sea.

  • Functional Nutrition

    Our unique combination of natural caffeine with wholesome nutrition provides you the clean, sustained energy you need to handle the dynamic demands of modern life.

The Best Ingredients

We only use simple and natural ingredients because we believe that real, long-term energy comes from real, natural nutrition. 

Passionate People

Everything here comes from the heart. Every piece of Ritual, from the recipe to our manufacturing, is done by us. OCD? We prefer the term passionate ;)

Environmentally Conscious

As a small company, we try to do as much as we can to minimize our environmental impact: we source biodegradable and sustainable materials where possible, we re-purpose shipping materials wherever we can, and we deliver our snacks in packaging you can use again and again. As we grow, we hope that we can continue to cultivate and contribute to the health of the planet in bigger and bigger ways. After all, these snacks come straight from the earth. We have lots of incentive to take care of it :)