For those who

For those who "get it"

Ritual Energy is for those who "get" the connection between food and health. At 70 calories, each bite-sized snack packs the same punch as one cup of coffee. With Ritual Energy, you avoid the multi-stimulant shock to your system that comes with energy drinks.

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Single-stimulant. Minimally processed. Simple ingredients.

Single-stimulant. Minimally processed. Simple ingredients.

We believe in the healthy consumption of caffeine as a single stimulant, and that food should be minimally processed. We make a caffeine snack with dates and nuts for those who "get" nutrition.

Our ingredients

An adventure snack that's...

  • Know your caffeine intake

    100mg of clean caffeine (an 8oz coffee varies from 75-165mg) *Cleveland Clinic Study

  • Single-stimulant

    Natural caffeine only. We avoid mixing stimulants like other energy brands do.

  • 70 Cal

    Beat the afternoon blues without the guilt.

  • Bulletproof packaging

    Our 3-layer, waterproof wrapper is designed to protect your energy snack no matter where you take it.

Buy Peanut Chocolate Energy Bites 15ct.

$ 22.50


Does it taste like coffee?

Nope. You might notice a very slight hint, but most people can only taste peanuts and chocolate.

Does it work like coffee?

Yes! The only difference is that it's more gradual on and off.

I have a sensitive stomach, can I eat this?

Maybe. Our Energy Bites are easier on the stomach and less acidic than coffee. Having said that, please consult your physician if you have serious stomach issues or are sensitive to caffeine.

What happens if I eat 10 at once?

From experience, we don't recommend it. Please consume caffeine responsibly!

Can I feed this to my child or pets?

Nope. Never. Don't even try it.

Where else can I purchase these?

Amazon, and select retailers in San Diego.

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